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Interior design - this is the first thing that takes notice of any person. It serves as the «face» of any room and gives it a unicity, elegance and perfection. We can speak about the interior design like the professionals are able to talk about the art.

The company LTD «Mardi House» has a rich experience in creating of unique and elegant design projects of apartments and apart hotels. Our creative designers are highly qualified and experienced experts who use a creative approach in creating of interesting and beautiful projects. We provide a professional approach to any concept of the customer and take into account your preferences, and implement them. The whole process is accompanied by careful visualization in the drawings and using 3D computer models. Our company has a responsible attitude to business and we appreciate our customers, that's why every design project has its own character and personality.

Our experts will give you a complete visual representation of the future interior before the beginning of construction. This saves a lot of time and effort and maximizes structured workflow. In addition, we carry out the selection of materials, working with global manufacturers of furniture, lighting, plumbing, interior accessories.

In addition to the overall design of the interior, there are very important details that should be considered at every stage. Our designers are the best in Georgia for designing of rooms and a kitchen, furniture, stained glass and textiles. We carry out the selection of furniture for the kitchen on specific dimensions directly with the manufacturer. A customer can choose himself any accessory to create harmony, that the designer seeks and receives the client.

The company «Mardi House» has a high ability to embody any, even the most unusual idea, using all the strength, experience and knowledge to eventually get a real masterpiece. It is easy for us to create an interior that will appeal to the customer, much more difficult is to create a design that would fully satisfy us. That is why our staff is constantly developing and improving their skills.

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Property viewing trip to Georgia

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For everyone who wants to buy an apartment in our complex: We offer a free property viewing trip!

Trip conditions

  1. Meeting you at the Batumi airport (free).
  2. Accommodation in a studio apartment or in a hotel room for 3 days and 2 nights (free).
  3. Viewing and choosing an apartment.
  4. Official registration of the selected apartment.
  5. A return transfer to the airport (free).


  1. When you arrive, you will be met at the airport by our  agent. He will hold a tablet in his hand with the logo of our company and also your surname written on it.
  2. The next 2 days you accompanied by our agent will acquaint with our complex, learn different layouts of apartments, look through documentation, and observe the progress of construction. Our agent will help you to choose the most suitable apartment!
  3. On the last day after you sign the preliminary contract of purchase, we will drive you to the airport before your return flight.
  4. Under the terms of our property viewing trip we guarantee the free accommodation in a studio apartment or in a hotel room, which located in the center of the city, for 1 or 2 persons during 3 days. If you buy a property in our building, we will refund the ticket price.


Recording on a tour of the property must be made at least 7 days before the expected date of arrival.

Terms of refund tickets price would be valid only if you bought a property according to the price list. In case you receive a discount or other bonuses the tickets price will not be paid.

Note that staff of our company works in days off. That’s way you can visit us also in non-working days!

If you like our city and decide to stay here, so we will help you to extend visa, and help to organize tours of Adjara at the lowest prices.

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